“Missionary Work is Gratitude for Calvary”

About Global Missions, Inc.

Global Missions, Inc. Is a not for profit, interdenominational organization who seeks to glorify God through the establishment of biblical churches by equipping and mobilizing indigenous churches and missionaries in Haiti, W.I. and among the least Evangelized people of the World. It provides charitable and supportive services to the elderly, poverty and disaster-stricken orphans and low-income families. With the best interest of Children, orphans Our mission seeks to enrich the lives and enhance the physical, emotional, social and intellectual well-being of the underprivileged and needy of Haiti by,

-Evangelizing and discipling persons throughout Haiti, and the World

-Equipping and Training indigenous pastors and teachers in Haiti for the growth of God's Kingdom and the health of the local churches

-Planting, Building and ministering to Incorporate them into Christ-centered, community focused congregations, and in this Island Nation.


HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS: We take medical equipment, medicines and medical supplies to the many churches clinics and operations in the theatres of crisis in Haiti. We collect Clothing and shoes, personal Items and toiletries for the needy, especially for children, orphans and widows and all who are infirm and impoverished. Out of the nine million in population in Haiti two thirds are under the age of sixteen years old. We readily work in conjunction and alongside Ministries and Organizations that need direction, assistance and help organizing and implementing their mission to Haiti. Global Missions has started twenty two orphanages across Haiti and continue to support and help as is available. Global Missions has for more than 50 years conducted and overseen their “Annual Christmas Dinner” (at the vision of Sister Manning) at times feeding more than 10,000 orphans and street children and giving each a Christmas Gift and the Story of Christ's Birth across Haiti. We collect toys, gently used and new to give to these children and also send them home with a bag of rice for their family if available. In January 10, 2012 following massive earthquake that devastated Port au Prince and so many other smaller cities and towns Brother Manning lead a “First Responder team to Haiti just days following the quake. With a team of Doctors, Ministers and lay people they worked to bring relief into the area. Food, medical supplies and water were shipped into Haiti and distributed to the needy. And many tents were taken into Haiti that are used as shelter in the aftermath of the tragedy. Global Missions also ships tons of rice and other food to Haiti each year to meet the ever increasing need of the hungry and impoverished.