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At the age of seventeen years, in 1945, Max joined the United States Marines where he faithfully served his country for eight continuous years as a regular and a reserve. Max and Mary Manning were united in marriage November 27th 1947 and this year celebrate 67 years, 62 years of which have been in full time ministry. Serving as Pastor, Evangelist, Missionary, Church Planter, Christian Educator and Mentor to many men and women around the world helping them establish themselves in qualified ministry positions and teaching them to walk worthy of the Gospel call. Reverend Manning has ministered on the mission field for the past 54 years. He has Ministered in 64 nations around the world, having worked and visited the African Continent alone 60 times. He has worked on the Island nation of Haiti in the West Indies for the Past 54 years establishing Churches, orphanages, trade Schools, medical clinics and most recently establishing training seminars for Pastors and church workers throughout Haiti and Africa. Reverend Manning believes that it is most important to set things in scriptural order in the national ministries that God has called to each country and so he gives opportunity to them to train and learn and be encouraged as pastors and leaders of the church. Reverend Manning is the Director of Global Missions, Inc. with headquarters in Topeka, Kansas He has been broadcasting daily with his “Voice of Faith” Radio Program continuously for 58 years, and is currently heard throughout the continent of Africa through the “Voice of Faith” Broadcast. The program can also be heard on Sunday Mornings on WIBW Radio 580 AM Topeka, Kansas at 9:00 AM. CST. He has authored several books and booklets. At the age of eighty seven years Reverend Manning still has strong faith and carries a full schedule of ministry at home and overseas. He retains residence in Topeka, Kansas. His beloved wife Mary passed in 07/07/2014 Their ministry theme has always been “To Win the Lost at Any Cost”.

Max and Mary Manning Being Honored by

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Max and Mary Manning Being Honored by

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